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Supercharging Search Firms

Unlocking Hidden Revenue

Partnering with FreelanceRecruiters opens up new avenues for staffing and recruitment firms, empowering them to extend their service offerings without the burden of upfront costs. By leveraging our expertise in sourcing top talent for roles of all kinds, firms can broaden their client base and provide comprehensive solutions across all organizational levels. With FreelanceRecruiters as a trusted solutions partner, firms can focus on their core competencies while tapping into a vast network of skilled recruiters, enhancing their value proposition and driving business growth.

Increased Recruitment Potential, No Upfront Cost

Hiring Packages

How it Works

Agency Package


  • 50/50 Split fee for all hires

  • Net 7 Invoice Remittance

  • 90 day candidate guarantee

  • Customized hiring profile per every job

  • Designated account manager

  • Unlimited recruitment workforce


Increased recruitment potential

Simple and seamless integration

No upfront W2 cost

Make more placements

Benefits of Partnering

More Placements

  • Access to additional recruitment capabilities acting as an extension of the firm

  • Augmented workforce enables handling of a wider range of roles and positions

  • Enhanced capacity to meet client demands without expanding internal resources

Minimize Overhead

  • Empowers staffing firms to accept deals they might otherwise decline

  • Mitigates financial risk by eliminating the need for significant upfront W2 recruiter investment

  • Enables firms to pursue a broader range of opportunities and expand their client base without incurring additional expenses

Scalable Growth

  • Facilitates entry into new market segments without significant capital investment

  • Enables Scalability and Flexibility to adapt to changing market demands

  • Strengthens client relationships by providing increased recruitment bandwidth

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